Monday, May 16, 2011

Plankers of the World Unite!

Let's keep it safe kids! One of me on the coffee table is on the cards. Definitely - maybe!

Gives the term 'layabouts' a new meaning!

These young fit lads are struggling a bit - their planker pal must be heavier than he looks!

If that's the morning sun, maybe he was actually just 'sleeping it off' or not planking at all.

How does that stool hold his weight? (Wait till his mammy sees this!)

Human table to hold the booze

Do you think he was sent there to fix the street lights?

Headless planking!

Nope, he's too relaxed...think he's sleeping it off.

Great service in this shop - they even provide a human step!

Son, you are meant to collect them and bring them back to the shop!

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