Monday, May 16, 2011

FaceBook Planking Photos

Planking is the new internet craze sweeping the world. The object of the exercise is to lay face down with your body as rigid as possible, with the arms ramrod straight at your sides with fingers pointed away from your face, legs together, toes pointed away. You say "I am planking" by way of explanation to confused passers-by,  while keeping your face as expressionless as possible, and someone takes your photo (or you set a camera up to take your photo automatically). You then give this photo a unique name, and post it on any social networking site, preferably Facebook.
Planking on a roadway
Planking in a rock
Planking on a pool table
Suspension planking
Chimney planking
Planking on a highway - getting silly now!
Planking on a bollard of some kind
Planking on a ladder
Planking on a pedestrian street (as you do!!)

Planking in a Playpark

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